Majestic Escort Services

Basant Residency is a casual inn, located close to Lal Bagh Botanical Garden. So, you can visit Lal Bagh Botanical Garden and appreciate some private time, and snap pictures together while escorts in Majestic, it will spare travel time too.

To appreciate a romantic supper, you can orchestrate a date at the Majestic escorts place. It holds a sensible veggie lover restaurant and an extravagant bar. The bar offers a wide scope of the menu that contains flavorsome mixed drinks. From the whole show, you can evaluate the following:

Brandy Eggnog, an unmistakable, exemplary, and a solid mixed drink, it is the lord of mixed drinks. It gives a generally light touch and overwhelming shaking. If you need to taste some sweet drinks, Elderflower is a decent alternative. It is like Brandy Eggnog however has a dash of sweetness. The one straddles the fence among sweet and smoky. To taste the zesty and solid beverage at the Majestic Escorts place, evaluate their Espresso Martini. It is regularly filled in as breakfast in a plane.

To have a whole supper, the eatery of Hotel Basant Residency serves exceptional veggie-lover delights from Dal Makhni and Dum Aloo to Litti Chokha and Tandoori Chicken. So, don't spare a moment to give them a shot while escorts in Majestic.

AddressCountry India AreaServed Bangalore
PostalCode 560009 ContactOption Whatsapp
StreetAddress Majestic HoursAvailable 24 hours

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