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If you are looking for a five-star pan-Asian experience to have a meal on a date then East- Oterra restaurant is best for you. This restaurant gives you comfort and pleasant experience. This restaurant is one of the best and famous restaurants in the Electronic city escorts area. It is a rooftop restaurant and will be perfect for a date. This place offers you Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai and Malaysian cuisine.

The rooftop location and ambiance is delightful. This place is crowded during weekends. This Pan-Asian restaurant in Electronic city escorts area offers teppanyaki and steamboat indulgences along with an exhaustive menu of taste, spice and tempting Asian cuisine. You can also watch the chef cooking your dishes from the front of the window. They offer a variety of dishes like fish ginger soya chili, Tai chi chicken, Shuci yan he hujiao, Poh Pia Throd, har gow, and luohan Zhai. You should try their famous dish Scallops. Scallop with lemon butter and soya and as well-seared scallops with spicy teriyaki sauce are perfect. If you want to go for Escorts in Electronic city then visit this place.

The staff is also good and well-trained and they give you good hospitality. Chef even customises food according to your taste and preference. The place is funky, rich and a bit costly but worth the money. So, if you are looking for a romantic time with your partner at a perfect place then, join Electronic city escorts website find a companion and spend a night under the sky.

AddressCountry India AreaServed Bangalore
PostalCode 560100 ContactOption Whatsapp
StreetAddress Electronic City HoursAvailable 24 hours

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